Drunken Surf & Turf

This Surf & Turf has attitude! Drunken Mussels, a favorite seafood specialty stands proudly alongside Filet Mignon steaks for a memorable meal.


Italian Surf & Turf

Italian Style Clams in one oven-ready cooking sleeve. Goes great with 4 mouth watering Filets. Easy prep, no fuss!


Spanish Surf & Turf

Our signature paella has no prep—just pop it in the oven and wait! Goes great with 4 of our mouth-watering Beef Filets.

barnyard 2

Barnyard Grill Pack

Moo. Oink. Cluck. Here's the secret to success for your BBQ. Beef, pork, and chicken medallions are perfectly seasoned and wrapped in tasty bacon!


Surf & Turf (6×6)

We paired seafood and filet for exciting surf & turf combos. Show off your originality when you serve a prepared meal from Morgan Street Bistro.


Close Trimmed Filets

Why is a filet steak considered the best? Because it’s the purest and leanest cut of beef. Order a box of 6 close trimmed filets for good eating anytime.


No time. No know-how. No way to prepare fresh, healthy, and delicious meals to eat at home.


Morgan Street Bistro for 24/7 online ordering of your favorite oven-ready prepared meals delivered to your home.

Why We’re Different

Other prepared meals are cooked in the factory, frozen, and re-heated at home. Morgan Street Bistro meals are cooked for the first time in your own oven or on your grill! Learn More >>